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Chatham Morris Island Bicycle Route

USGS Map:       Chatham

Parking:        Chatham Village Market parking lot on Route 28 at intersections of Crowell Road, Depot Road, and Queen Anne Road.

Miles           Route

0.5             Southeast on Queen Anne Road to Stage Harbor Road.

0.8             South on Stage Harbor Road to Cedar Street.

1.6             Southwest on Cedar Street to Battlefield Road.

1.8             South on Battlefield Road to Champlain Road.

2.8             East and north on Champlain Road to Bridge Street.

3.6             East on Bridge Street to Morris Island Road.

4.9             South on Morris Island Road to Wildlife Service.

6.3             Reverse to Chatham Light, just north of Bridge St.

8.1             Shore Road north  to Old Harbor Road (Route 28)

8.7             Route 28 north to Stony Hill Road

9.8             Stony Hill Road southwest to Crowell Road

10.4           Crowell Road south to Chatham Village Market

A longer ride, scouted by John Fallender:

Parking:        Parking lot behind the South Orleans shopping center and USPS on Route 28.  Park in back.

Miles           Route

0.1             WALK carefully across Route 28. Ride south to Route 39.

2.9             Southwest on Route 39 to Church Street, just past Pleasant Bay Road.

4.1             South on Church Street to Old Queen Anne Road. Route 137 is just to the west.

6.4             South east on Old Queen Anne Road, bearing right past intersection with Training Field Road, to Stepping Stones Road.

6.9             East on Stepping Stones Road to Crowell Road.

7.5             South on Crowell Road to Route 28. WALK carefully across Route 28 to Chatham Village parking lot.

13.8            Follow route above to Morris Island and return to Chatham Lighthouse.

15.1            North on Shore Road to Chatham Fish Pier for a lunch stop.  Rest rooms available.

15.6            North on Shore Road to Old Harbor Road.

16.3            North on Old Harbor Road to Scateree Road.

16.8            East to town landing on Pleasant Bay.

17.8            Reverse on Scateree Road, bearing right on to Stony Hill Road.  WALK across Route 28.

18.3            Continue on Stony Hill Road to Crowell Rd. Chatham Village Market parking lot is 0.7 mile south.

18.8            Cross Crowell Road, continuing on Stepping Stones Road to Queen Anne Road.

21.1            Northwest on Queen Anne Road to Church Street.

22.4            North on Church Street to Route 39.

25.3            Northeast on Route 39 to South Orleans parking lot.