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Orleans Bicycle Routes

Depot Square

Tour de East Orleans Bicycle Route

Parking:  Meet at Depot Square in Orleans. Map

Miles           Route

0.0             Go Left out of Depot Square Parking Lot.

0.1             Make Right on Main Street.

0.8             Straight on Main Street (through 2 traffic lights) Right to Monument Road.

1.8             Right on Monument Road and Right at Crystal Lake (Vista Stop).

2.2             Left on Monument then Right on Herring Brook Road to Pilgrim Lake (View of lake & herring Run).

2.4             Left on Herring Brook Road to Lonie's Pond (View of Pond and herring run).

2.9             Continue Right on Herring Brook Road back to Monument Road.

3.6             Right on Monument Road to School Road.

3.7             Right on School Road to River Road.

3.8             Right on River Road to End (Vista of the River).

4.5             Return on River Road to School Road.

4.6             Right on School Road to Main Street.

5.2             Right on Main Street and Right on Barley Neck Road.

5.3             Bear Left at the intersection onto Pochet Road.

5.9             Right at Uncle Harvey's Way.

6.7             Continue Right on Pochet Road.

6.8             Left on Cedar Land Road.

8.1             Right on Beach Road to Nauset Beach Rest Area.

10.3            Exit the parking lot, straight on Beach Road.

11.0            Right on Brick Hill Road to Champlain Road.

12.0            Right on Champlain Road to Mill Pond Road.

12.6            Right on Mill Pond Rd for a nice vista of Mill Pond and Roberts Cove.

13.1            Return on Mill Pond Road Right on Champlain Road.

13.3            Right on Champlain Road to Snow Shore Drive.

13.8            Left on Snow Shore Drive for vista of Nauset Inlet.

14.1            Return on Snow Shore Drive, Right at Champlain Road.

14.4            Right at Brick Hill Road to Tonset Road.

14.7            Left at Tonset Road back to Main Steet.

15.7            Right at Main Street.

15.9            Right at Academy Place onto Route 28.

16.1            Right at Cove Road for a vista of Town Cove.

16.4            Return on Cove Road, Cross Route 28 and continue on Cove Road.

16.5            Left through the parking lot before 'Land Ho' to Main Street.

16.6            Right at Main Street, go through traffic light.

16.7            Left at the Rail Trail/ Old Colony Way.

17.0            Arrive at Depot Square.

17.2            "Option" Add 4 miles. Go northeast on CCRT to intersection, left on Main Street, to Rock Harbor Rd.

18.0            Left on Rock Harbor Road.

19.0            Left into Rock Harbor, for a Vista of Cape Cod Bay and the fishing fleet.

19.3            Straight out of Rock Harbor to the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

20.4            Left at the ramp up to the CCRT trail.

21.0            Right on the CCRT back to Depot Square.