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Eastham Hiking Club

Eastham Hiking Club was founded in 1977 by John Sullivan and in 1983 was lead by Hortense Kelly.  During the ensuing years, Hortense developed and led many hikes on the Outer Cape.  In 2006 Hortense retired from active leadership and Don Heyer took over the reins of EHC.  Don enhanced the number of hikes and lead groups of 50 or more every Wednesday from 9 am to 11 am except in the summer months of June, July and August.  These months were skipped in part due to parking restrictions in many of the parking areas for the start of the hike.  The group is now led by co-leaders, Don Light, Bob Rabenold, Mark McGrath and Chuck Thompson.  Click here for photos of the EHC leaders and here for a 12-04-2015 article from the Cape Codder. 

EHC Hikers, Welcome to the Eastham Hiking Club for the 2018-2019 hiking season.

We are an informal group lead by volunteer leaders that is free and open to anyone.  We hike every Wednesday at 9:00AM from the Wed. after Labor Day until the Wed. before Memorial Day.  No signup is required, just show up.  We do vigerous hikes in the woods, dunes, beaches and dirt paths of our wonderful Cape Cod. Most hikes are 2 hours with some extending to 2 ½.   Our normal hikes have from 35 to 50 hikers. We hike from Yarmouth to Provincetown with most of the hikes in the area from Wellfleet to Provincetown.

By participationg in these hikes you will be engaging in an activity that involves risks that can cause injury or worse, and reqrires a high level of phisical fittness to safely participate.  The risks and fitness are your responsibilities solely.

You may add or remove your name from our distribution list by sending an email to markmcgrath@verizon.net

Storm policy: If a hike leader will NOT be at the starting location due to weather conditions we will send an email before 7:45AM on the morning of the hike announcing that the hike is cancelled.  If you don’t receive the email the leader will be at the starting location.

Carpooling: We encourage carpooling. Drive on your own if you wish.  On hikes that are beyond Eastham we will schedule general carpools that will leave from the Stop & Shop near the Orleans rotary.  As you enter the main parking lot at Stop & Shop the meeting place is first area on the left. The schedule will state Carpooling and give a time.  The time on the schedule is the time that you should leave the Stop & Shop.  Arrive at Stop & Shop before the designated time.  There will be no leader there so make your own carpools. If there is no one there proceed to the starting location on your own. 

Weekly Hike Emails: One of our co-leaders distributes a hike summary after many hikes. It maw include maps, several photographs taken by membes during the hike and possibly a historical reference about the trail.  We don't want tp burden our hikers with unsolicited emails but we are willing to send them to those who wish them.  If you are not recieving these and would like to be added to this weekly list send an email to markmcgrath@verizon.net and ask to be on the summary distribution list.

See you on the trails.

Don Light    vklight@comcast.net

Click here to get the May 2019 schedule of walks

Click here to see some Good Information on preventing tick bites.

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hikes in black are currently being brought up to date.

Brewster Hikes

      Nickerson Park - Main
      Punkhorn Parkland
      Nickerson Park -Little Cliff

Eastham Hikes

      Doane Rock   revised 2-4-2016>

Harwich Hikes

      Hawksnest           revised 11-09-2018
      West Reservoir   revised 11-12-2018

Orleans Hikes

      Pochet Island    new 11-28-2018

Truro Hikes

      Coulson Half Cape
      Longnook Beach
      Paradise/Lombard Hollow
      Pilgrim Heights
      Pilgrim Heights-No Sand   new 11-14-2018
      North Pamet   revised 1-2-2017 
      Ryder Beach   revised 11-9-2018
      Ryder Beach to Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet   new 11-9-2018
      South Pamet

Wellfleet Hikes

      Bound Brook Island
      Duck Harbor, North
      Duck Harbor, South
      Great Island
      Great Pond  (Hortense Kelly Hike) ( here's a video )
      Griffin Island
      Gull Pond, 7 Ponds
      Marconi Fresh Brook
      Newcomb Hollow
      Ryder Beach to Newcomb Hollow, Wellfleet   new 11-9-2018
      White Cedar Swamp
      Whitecrest Beach    Revised 2-15-2015

Provincetown Hikes

     Hatches Harbor      Revised 1-14-2015