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README before using our guides to Long Walks on Cape Cod

Long Walks on Cape Cod

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Paradise Hollow

USGS Map:          Wellfleet

Sketch Map of Route

Topo Map for Paradise Hollow

Topo Map for Bound Brook Island


1. George Nilson Road, west side of Route 6, one half mile north of "entering Truro" sign.

2. Parking lot at the south end of Ryder Beach Road in South Truro.


Walk into the woods on the woods road that leads south from George
Nilson Road, (001) on Topo Map for Paradise Hollow, away from the houses,
then turns west.  At the first fork (013), bear left.  The right hand
road leads to Lombard Hollow, which you will follow on the return leg.

You are now headed in a continuing southwest direction for over
one mile. When you come to a T intersection (002), turn  right. As you
can see, you are in a virtual wilderness of second growth.   Ignore the
overgrown side roads to the right and left.  You are  obviously on a
main track that is frequently traveled.  This is a  prime hunting area,
so do not walk in here during the hunting season.  Continue through
(004) to (005).

When you break out into the clear, you are looking at Old County
Road, a two-lane paved road that makes a grand loop from Wellfleet to
Truro west of Route 6.  Walk south along the edge of the road, passing
Pamet Point Road coming in from Route 6.

Soon you are at the triangular intersection of Old County Road and
Bound Brook Island Road.  This is a connecting point with the Long
Walk for Griffin and Bound Brook Islands.  You could use both guides
to fashion a shorter or longer walk.

For example, at the triangle, a woods road leads off to the north-
west, (006) on both maps.  That is the old railroad bed to Provincetown,
that goes  straight as an arrow to Ryder Beach Road in Truro, about one
mile.  For a shorter walk proceed on it to (007) on the Paradise
Hollow map.

For the longer walk, go west on Bound Brook Island Road to the
Atwood-Higgins House complex, about one-quarter mile (005).  The pavement
ends here.  Visit the area, if you have not done so before, preferably
with someone who knows the history.  After doing so, continue west on
the sandy road about 0.3 mile until you come to a road to the right
with many signboards on it (004), identifying residents who live on it.

Walk north on the side road. Note:  A worthy side excursion to a
lookout is described under "Ryder Beach" in Truro Short Walks  The
road meanders north and west, but is headed generally west.  You will
occasionally see a glimpse of the bay to your left.  When you break out of the
woods in about half a mile (009), you are rewarded with a splendid view of
Provincetown and Truro.

Note:  The inland path described in the next two paragraphs is prone
to flooding.  We now recommend that you walk from (009), where
the road heads north, on the foot path out to the beach (010).  Walk
north on the beach to (008).

You are headed north, and can easily see where you are headed.
Just before the road goes west, you will see two houses directly in
front.  Pass between the two houses on a sandy track headed north,
past a rail barrier. It is a public access trail to Ryder Beach, and
Trailhead 2.

You are soon on a narrow foot path through the high vegetation.
On your left is a telephone line going in the same direction.
Shortly, the path widens to evidence of a former cartway that
traveled the west edge of the filled-in marsh that was Bound Brook.
When you get near the houses on the bluff, a wide footpath goes left
to Ryder Beach.  Walk to the beach, if you wish.

Returning to the cartway, pass through the fence.  Trailhead 2 is
directly ahead (008).  Turn east on the sandy road at a sign that
reads "Private Homes."  Just past house No. 69, a footpath heads
east while the drive curves north to private property.  Walk the
path over the hill and on the other side you will see a large sign
that ends in "pedestrians welcome!"

The old road continues east.  In about one-half mile from Ryder
Beach, you cross a well-defined woods road that is the old railroad
bed, carrying its ghostly passengers to Provincetown.  You can see
ahead of you a paved road, which is Old County Road (007).  Walk
southeast on the railroad bed for 0.4 mile to a sandy road, (007) on
the Paradise Hollow map, which goes northeast to Old County Road in
0.3 mile.  Walk the edge of Old County Road east briefly until it
makes a sharp right (009).

On your left, a sandy track leads north to Lombard Hollow (010). 
Walk  north on it for about one-quarter mile, down the hill and into the
hollow.  The road now follows the bottom of the hollow almost due
east.  The bearing is 75 degrees magnetic, for those with an accurate
compass.  At the fork (011), pick up the right hand road, which is at
a 110 degree bearing.

You will pass a clearing that is obviously used by hunters, then
you will intercept a track that goes east and west (012).  Head left,
then  bear right at the next fork.  The road that goes through Paradise
Hollow is immediately in front of you (013).  Walk left again and you will
quickly be at Trailhead 1. As described, the long walk is about six miles. 
The shorter walk is 3. 7 miles.