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Brewster Bicycle Routes

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Back Roads Bicycle Route (suitable for mountain bikes only)

Parking:        Nickerson State Park parking lot on Route 6A in Brewster.

Miles           Route

1.5             South on Deer Park Road through Nickerson Park to the red vehicle gate on Windswept Road.

1.8             South on Windswept Road to Cliff Pond Road; west to Millstone Road.

3.0             Southwest on Millstone Road to Long Pond Road (Route 137).  Ride carefully; the road is narrow
and the traffic is fast.

3.2             Northwest on Long Pond Road to Crowells Bog Road on the west side.

5.7             Southwest on Crowells Bog Road to the town landing; west to the rail trail.  Ride slowly on the portion of the road that is clay and gravel.

6.0             North on the rail trail to Great Fields Road on the west side of Harwich Road (Route 124).

8.0             Northwest on Great Fields Road to Stony Brook Road, then north briefly to Main Street (Route 6A). Ride slowly on the clay and gravel portion.

8.5             WALK across Main Street to Briar Lane directly opposite.  North on Briar Lane to Lower Road.

9.3             East on Lower Road to Main Street again.

10.0           East on Main Street to Point of Rocks Road on the north side.  Ride carefully; Main Street is narrow and heavily travelled.

10.7           North on Point of Rocks Road to a small, secluded town beach.  Wonderful bay views; great for a swim.

11.3           Southeast at the fork to Foster Road, southeast and south to Main Street.

11.6           East on Main Street to Thad. Ellis Road, opposite Foster Square.

11.9           South on Thad. Ellis Road to the rail trail.

13.5           East on the rail trail to Nickerson State Park.