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Brewster Bicycle Routes

Brewster Gen Store

Long Pond Circular Bicycle Route

Parking:        Nickerson State Park parking lot on Route 6A in Brewster.

Miles           Route

5.5             Ride southwest on the Cape Cod Rail Trail to the Pleasant Lake General Store at Route 124.

5.6             South on Route 124 (Harwich Road) to Long Pond Drive.

8.4             East on Long Pond Drive to Long Pond Road (Route 137).

10.0            Northwest on Long Pond Road to Millstone Road. Ride carefully, high speed traffic.

11.2            Northeast on Millstone Road to Cliff Pond Road. Ride carefully, high speed traffic.

11.5            East on Cliff Pond Road to Windswept Road, then north and east on Windswept Road to Deer Park Road in Nickerson Park, on the other side of the gate.

13.0            North on Deer Park Road to parking lot.