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Buzzard's Bay Bicycle Tour on Cape Cod

Rail Bridge

Massachusetts Maritime Academy Bicycle Route

Parking:        Parking lot for the canal trail on the mainland side of Cape Cod, at the end of Canal Road, off the Sagamore Rotary.

The Sagamore Rotary is at the foot of the Sagamore Bridge, the first right off the bridge from Cape Cod.  The parking lot is called the Sagamore Recreation Area.

Ride south to the end of the canal trail, about six miles.  When you get to the end of the trail, follow the railroad tracks west to  Academy Drive in Buzzards Bay. 

Then ride south into the campus of the Massachusetts Maritime  Academy.  Circle to the left around the buildings until you come to the last building near the bay.  The academy's ship, The Patriot State, will be tied up right in front of you, unless it is on a training cruise.

The sign in front of the building informs you that it is the Dining Hall, where you may eat lunch between 11:30 and 12:30 on weekdays during the academic year, from about the second week of September to the third week of May.  

You walk right in, pay the cashier, and go through the cafeteria line with the cadets, selecting anything you wish.  Soup and desserts are in the mess hall.  Sit anywhere you want, and strike up a  conversation with the cadets.

You may also tour the academy, but you will have to phone ahead to find out when tours are given.  It is also a good idea to call during holiday and cruise periods to find out if the dining hall will be  open.  

After lunch, ride back to the canal trail and ride the full eight miles to the end at Cape Cod Bay.  Then the return to the parking lot will be two miles.  All together, the ride is 16 miles.