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Dennis Village Bicycle Route

USGS Map:       Dennis

Map of Dennis Bike Trails

Parking:           Sesuit Harbor public parking lot. From the intersection of Routes 6A and 134 in Dennis, north on Bridge Street to Sesuit Neck Road.  East and north to harbor.

Miles              Route

0.5                 North and west on Harbor Road to Stephen Phillips Road.

1.0                 South and west on Stephen Phillips Road to Bridge Street.

1.5                 South briefly on Bridge Street, then southwest on Old Town Lane to Sesuit Neck Road.

2.1                 West on Sesuit Neck  Road and Route 6A (briefly)  to Seaside Avenue.

2.7                 West on Seaside Avenue to Corporation Road. North, briefly, to visit Corporation Beach.

3.2                 South on Corporation Road to Whig Street.

3.6                 Southwest on Whig Street to Nobscusset Road.

4.0                 Northwest on Nobscusset Road to Shore Drive.

4.8                 West on Shore  Drive to Bay View Drive, south to Beach  Street, then east briefly to Taunton Avenue.

5.4                 Taunton Avenue west to Dr. Bottero Road.

6.2                 West on Dr. Bottero Road  to Chapin Beach.  Enjoy the view!

8.3                 Return to Whig Street.

8.8                 Northeast on Whig Street to Hope Lane.

9.1                 Southeast on Hope Lane to Route 6A.  WALK carefully across Route 6A to Old Bass River Road.

9.9                 Southeast (and UP!) Old Bass River Road to Scargo Hill Road fork at the left, continuting east to Scargo Tower.  Walk up to the tower and enjoy the spectacular view from the top. 

10.6               Northeast (and DOWN!) Scargo Hill Road to Route 6A.

11.0               Route 6A to Route 134 traffic lights. WALK carefully north across 6A to Bridge Street.

12.0               North on Bridge Street, and then east and north on Sesuit Neck Road to return to harbor parking lot.