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Falmouth Bicycle Routes

Tour de Falmouth Bicycle Route

Parking:  Northern End of Trail, Parking Lot @ County Rd. Map

Miles           Route

0.0             Head south from parking lot.

0.2             Cross County Rd on to Pine Street.

0.8             Follow Pine Street then Bear Left at Old Main Rd.

1.4             Turn right at Curley Blvd.

3.5             Bear Left and Continue onto Quaker Rd.

4.1             Continue onto Nashawena St.

4.5             Turn right at Old Dock Rd.

5.1             Turn right at Chapoquoit Rd.

5.2             Take Chapoquoit Rd to Associates circle at Chapoquoit Point.

5.9             Return on Chapoquoit Rd to MA-28A.

6.7             Turn right at MA-28A Heading South.

7.5             Turn right at Palmer Ave.

10.4            Turn right at Sippewissett Rd.

12.0            Continue onto Quissett Ave.

12.2            Continue onto School St.

12.3            Turn left at Water St for a snack at Pie in The Sky, 10 Water St.

12.3            "Option": Return to Starting Point via the Shining Sea Trail.

12.5            Take driveway adjacent to Pie in the Sky and ride to Ferry terminal Restrooms.

13.1            Follow the parking lot trail which leads into the Shining Sea Bike Path.

23.8            Continue straight onto Shining Sea Bikeway.

24.2            Turn left at County Rd.

24.3            Right into the Shining Sea Bike Trail Parking Lot at County Rd North Falmouth.