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Harwich Rail Trail Bicycle Route

Harwich Town Hall

Parking:        Parking lot behind Harwich Town Hall on Main Street in Harwich Center. Map

Miles                Route

0.1                   Ride out north end of parking lot behind Harwich Town Hall, and pick up Old Colony Rail Trail on north side of Old Colony Road.

2.5                   East to Depot Road.   Chatham is 0.4 mile east on the trail.

2.9                   Ride south on Depot Road to Route 28.  WALK carefully across it.

3.7                   Continue south on what is Uncle Venie's Lane to Red River Beach. Enjoy the views of Nantucket Sound and the Monomoy Islands.

6.1                   Reverse on Uncle Venie's lane and Depot Road to Queen Anne Road, crossing Route 39.  WALK carefully across Route 39, pick up Depot Road on the other side.  Queen Anne Road is 0.1 mile to the north.

10.9                 West on Queen Anne Road to Depot Street.   Ride carefully! The road is narrow, and traffic is fast.  Along the way you will cross Oak Street and Route 124; then Chatham Road will enter from the left at a stop sign.  Depot Street is 0.4 mile further (no sign).

11.6                 South on Depot Street to Cape Cod Rail Trail.

14.4                 East on Cape Cod Rail Trail and Old Colony Rail Trail to Harwich and return.