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Hyannis Bicycle Routes

Veterns Park Beach

Hyannis Port Bicycle Tour on Cape Cod

Parking:                 Veterans Park Beach parking lot on Ocean Street in Hyannis. Map

Miles                   Route

0.6                      From entrance to park, cross Ocean Street and ride west on Gosnold Street to Sea Street.

1.1                      South briefly on Sea Street, then southwest and west on Ocean Avenue.

1.8                      North briefly on Hyannis Avenue, then west on Marston Avenue and Smith Street to Craigville Beach Road.

4.2                      Continue west to entrance to Craigville Beach.  This is the largest and most used beach on Cape Cod.

5.1                      Continue west on Long Beach  Road to the conservation area at the end. Walk out to the beach for scenic views.

7.4                      Ride back east to intersection of Craigville Beach Road and Smith Street.

8.2                      Bear right and ride south to Irving Avenue.  You are in the vicinity of the fabled Kennedy compound, but you can't get close to it.

9.0                      Ride east and northeast to Ocean Avenue.

10.1                    East and northeast on Ocean Avenue to Gosnold Street and return.