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Orleans Bicycle Routes

Orleans Beaches

Parking:            Main parking lot at entrance to Nickerson State Park on Route 6A. Map

Miles                 Route

1.7                   East on the Cape Cod Rail Trail to Salty Ridge Road and West Road.

1.9                   North on West Road to Skaket Beach Road.

2.6                   Northwest on Skaket Beach Road to Skaket Beach.

3.4                   Reverse to intersection with West Road.

4.0                   East on Skaket Beach Road and northeast on Frontage Road to Rock Harbor Road.

4.7                   North on Rock Harbor Road to Rock Harbor, left through parking lot to beach.

6.0                   Reverse to Rock Harbor Road and follow it southeast over Route 6, where it becomes Main Street and continues to rail trail parking lot, south of Mid-Cape Home Center.

7.7                   Ride carefully through Orleans on Main Street, walking across intersections, to intersection with Barley Neck Road.

9.4                   Bear left on to Beach Road, which is a continuation of Main Street, and ride east to the Nauset Beach parking lot.  Park your bikes here to walk out to the beach.  (Note:  A fee is imposed during the summer if you plan to stop for a swim.)

11.1                 Reverse to Cape Cod Rail Trail in Orleans.

11.7                 Ride west to West Road.

12.1                 North on West Road over Route 6, then south to Salty Ridge Road and the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

13.8                West to return to Nickerson State Park on the rail trail.