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Osterville Bicycle Routes

Osterville - Centerville Bicycle Route

Parking:  Meet at Wimpy's Resturant in Osterville. Map

Miles           Route

0.0             From Wimpy's.

0.2             Left on Main Street to Old Mill Road.

1.4             Left on Old Mill Road to Starboard Lane.

2.3             Right on Starboard Lane to South Main Street.

3.3             Left on South Main Street to Craigville Beach Road.

3.9             Straight on Craigville Beach Road to Craigville Beach.

5.1             Left on Long Beach Rd. back to Craigville Beach Road.

6.0             Left on Craigville Beach Road, cross South Main Street (lights) to Main Street to Park Ave.

6.1             Left on Park Ave. to Bumps River Road.

7.8             Right on Bumps River Road to Pond Street.

8.7             Left on to Pond Street to Main Street.

8.9             Left on Main Street to Meadow Lark Lane.

9.1             Right on Meadow Lark Lane to Bay St.

9.2             Left on Bay Street to Parker Lane (Option right to Town Landing .5 Mile).

9.5             Right on Parker Lane to West Bay Street

9.7             Right on West Bay to Eel River Rd.

10.8            Left on Eel River Road to Sea View Ave.

11.9            Left on Sea View Ave to Wiano Way (or right to Town Landing 1.5 mi spur R.T.).

12.8            Left on Wiano Way to West Bay Rd.

12.9            Right on West Bay Rd. to Main St. & cross Main St. to Wimpy's