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Wellfleet Bicycle Routes

Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown Bicycle Route

Parking: 1. Rail trail parking lot on LeCount Hollow Road, Wellfleet. Map

                2. Province Lands Visitors Center on Race Point Road, in Provincetown. Map

                NOTE:  Shuttle cars between the two parking areas.

Map of Rail Trail Extension Bicycle Route 

Miles           Route

0.6             East on LeCount Hollow Road to Ocean View Drive.

2.4             North on Ocean View Drive to Long Pond Road.

4.9             West on Long Pond Road (over Route 6) to Main Street in Wellfleet.

5.3             West on Main Street to bike sign on Pole Dyke Road.

6.4             Northwest at bike sign to Bound Brook Island Road.

7.4             Northwest on Bound Brook Island Road to Old County Road.

9.2             Northwest on Old County Road to Ryder Beach Road.

10.9            Continue north on Old County Road to Depot Road.

11.5            East on Depot Road to Truro Center Road.

11.7            North on Truro Center Road to Castle Road.

13.6            North on Castle Road to Route 6. WALK across Route 6 to the east side.

14.7            North on Route 6 to Shore Road (Route 6A). Ride carefully on the bicycle shoulder on the east
                side of Route 6. WALK across Route 6 to the west side.

22.3            Northwest on Shore Road on to Commercial Street in Provincetown, to Conwell Street.

22.8            North on Conwell Street, to Route 6. WALK across Route 6 to Race Point Road.

24.3            Northwest on Race Point Road to the Provincelands Visitors Center.  Ride bike trail, if you wish.