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Marconi/Fresh Brook, Wellfleet


Description: Explore wooded trails and the remains of the Fresh Brook Village.

Place to Meet:  Trailhead: Main Parking Lot at Marconi Beach

Driving/Parking Directions:   Drive to Marconi Beach off Route 6 in Wellfleet.  Turn into the area at traffic light (watch for bikers crossing road) taking right at fork, continue to end to Main Parking Lot.

Parking Issues- There are entrance fees to Marconi Beach during the summer months but the NPS Eagle Pass will allow all car passengers in without a fee.

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Walk south across the road 50 yards south of the split rail fence and enter woods.  Travel on narrow overgrown path to top of dunes.
  • Turn right (south) on the path and travel along the top of dunes until you get to a hard right turn and continue.  Trail gets wider.
  • At first fork go straight across.  The trail will widen.
  • left at fork and go on slight downgrade
  • return the last 50 feet and turn right and continue on path.
  • go right (west) on small path and travel along the ridge of Fresh Brook.  Fresh Brook will be on your right.  Go under a large low tree limb and travel on a downgrade, following the brook.
  • Continue on path until you reach the power lines and pole #117.  Then turn right (west) and walk up 20 yards to the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path.  Turn right (north) on bike trail.
  • Walk about 20 yards to the end of the wooden fence (after crossing Fresh Brook) and turn right and go toward the power lines and pole #118.  Turn left and take grassy path east.
  • continue on path until you reach a small open area where you may find apple trees.  Trail is not distinct in this area.  Continue on this path through wooded area until you come to a large intersection where there will be a left, a soft right and a hard right,  take the hard right on the dirt road.
  • continue straight when 1st left becomes visible.  The 2nd left is a shortcut to the parking lot (a few hundred feet), or continue straight for a slightly longer return route.  The longer route will take you back to the top of the dunes at the ocean edge where you will turn left.  There is a trail to the right that eventually dead-ends
  • continue until you get to an open area where you will take a left fork.  This path will lead you to the parking lot and trail end.

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