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Description:  Hike along a soft sand RV road along Nauset Beach, and wooded trails around private homes. 5.7 miles.   You should do this walk on or near low tide.   Please note that you will be walking on private property; remember to show proper repect to the owners.

Place to Meet: Meet at the far (south) end of the Nauset Beach parking lot.

Driving Directions:  From the center of Orleans, drive east on Main Street passing Tonset Road and bear left onto Beach Road.   Continue on Beach Road to the end and enter the Nauset Beach area.

Parking Issues - Non-Residents may have to pay admission to the parking lot during the summer season.

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Enter the Nauset Beach area and go RIGHT to the the SOUTH end of the parking lot and park your vehicle.   At the very end, turn RIGHT and walk down the paved road where you will see the RV check-in building. and the sand road beyond.

  • Walk along this soft sand RV road for about 1 1/2 miles turning RIGHT just past the #1 sign, continuing toward the wooden bridge.    After crossing the bridge walk along road bearing LEFT when you reach the open view.

  • Continue on the LEFT passing the house then bear LEFT and walk toward the woods. (If you enter the woods you will see a outhouse.)   Turn RIGHT when you reach the woods and continue along the path to see the osprey nest and the next house.

  • The rest of this walk contiues around the periphery of Pochet Island. There will be many beautiful views of trees and water.  Soon you will approach this house passing it on the left.   When you reach a 4-way intersection go straight. Then walk along the trail.   Feel free to explore small paths leading to waters edge. You can’t get lost. It’s an island.

  • Following the trail generally taking right turns at intersections. Wonderful views of the water and Barley Neck will be visable.

  • Soon you will reach the main house passing on the left which will bring you back to the road, bridge, and RV sand road.

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