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Description: Hike will pass seven ponds including Gull, Higgins, Williams, Slough, Horseleech, Round, and Herring
Place to Meet: Meet at Gull Pond parking lot, Wellfleet

Driving/Parking Directions:  Turn off Route 6 at Gull Pond Road (opposite Moby Dick’s). Proceed to stone marker on left to Gull Pond Landing lot.

Note: Please be aware that Wellfleet and other towns may require parking stickers to park at many of the locations, especially during summer months. Please check with authorities before heading out.

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Head to split rail fence in northeast corner of parking lot and enter small path into woods

  • Continue along Gull Pond until 30 yards from split rail fence and private property.  Go LEFT (west) and up, here.
  • Turn RIGHT when path hits School House Hill Rd.  Note that reference to roads here are sand roads, about 1 lane wide.

  • RIGHT at first fork.
  • RIGHT at next fork with Higgins Pond on left, walk toward water sluice
  • RIGHT at water sluice & RIGHT again along Gull Pond
  • RIGHT again back to road we entered on and turn LEFT at pipe fence to return
  • RIGHT (north) at first fork and RIGHT again with Herring Pond on your left
  • RIGHT at fork with Slough Pond on left; bear RIGHT at next intersection
  • LEFT at next fork and uphill between Slough and Horseleech Ponds
  • Turn LEFT at bottom of hill and head west on Slough Pond Rd

  • Pass a dirt road on the right and Round Pond on the left, turn RIGHT at a trail into the woods next to a 1 car parking spot.

  • Walk to the end of this trail and turn RIGHT on Mitre Rd.

  • Walk to the dunes at end and enjoy a view of the ocean and beaches. Return and take first LEFT.

  • Walk to the end of this trail and turn RIGHT on Slough Pond Rd.

  • With Round Pond on your left walk west until you see a large white house on right and a small path leading downhill to the left, turn LEFT on this path and continue to end making no turns.
  • At end, turn RIGHT on Black Pond Rd.  Pass a couple of houses and turn LEFT at small parking lot.  Walk through the parking on an oblique right and enter wood path.  Cross the Herring River (Herring Pond on your left) and follow path to the first intersection and go LEFT up the hill (fairly steep).
  • Follow this path to end making no turns.  At end turn RIGHT on School House Hill Rd and follow to parking lot

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#9 revised 2/25/2012