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Description:  Explore the trails and beautiful ponds in the park. (Walking times approximate.)

Place to Meet:  Trailhead:  Main Parking Lot off Route 6A

Driving/Parking Directions:   Drive to Nickerson State Park, Route 6A in Brewster and park in the Main Parking Lot to the right.       

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Walk out of the lot past the Park HQ greeting cabin and follow the entrance road to the sign on the left for Nickerson Park Bike Trail.  When on the Bike Trail turn right (south) and follow the bike trail to the utility right of way.  (5 min.)

  • Turn left on the path which you will find after crossing the telephone pole’s right of way.
  • At electric pole #74 turn right onto pathway heading southeast.  (4 min.)
  • While on this path you will be climbing in zigzag fashion. When you reach the bottom of the hill turn left onto the fire road to a “Y” intersection path.  (13 min.)

  • Turn right at this intersection and right again at cross intersection.(4 min.)
  • Continue to electric right of way and bear left following the right of way.  Walk to electric pole #22 and turn left on the path opposite the pole. (5 min.)
  • Walk south and turn left onto fire road (2 min.), taking first right pathway. (3 min.)
  • Walk to fire road and turn left(6 min.).  Follow to 3 trail intersection – Utility pole is partially buried horizontally at this point (4 min.).  Turn right and walk downhill to top of Little Cliff Pond (2 min.).
  • Turn right before wooden park barrier and continue uphill (right) on path around Little Cliff Pond to Cliff Pond parking lot (7 min.).  There is a sign from the trail you just came from in the parking lot stating Little Cliff Pond Trail.
  • Go directly across parking lot to path and proceed north around Cliff Pond to picnic grove (11 min.)
  • Follow path immediately to the right, up and over the hill to Flax Pond turning right at the “T” intersection by the tall pines (4 min.), and then first left down to the water (1 min.).
  • Walk left (west) half way around Flax Pond on the path closest to the water turning left at the end of the beach by Sutherland gift bench (11 min.) and climb out to paved roadway (2 min.).
  • Turn right onto road and take immediate left toward campsite 43.   Turn left walking under electric line to corner of Flax Pond Road and the main park road. (3 min.)
  • Go across the road straight into the woods and take a right on the bike path then turn left at the intersection onto Ober Bike Trail
  • Walk the Ober Bike Trail for 0.2 miles (4 min.) and turn right onto first path opposite the historic graveyard.  The marker for the graveyard faces the opposite direction from which you are walking.  Continue north staying straight on trail to the parking lot (6 min.).
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