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Description: Hike around scenic ponds and woodland trails of the Punkhorn Parklands

Place to Meet:   Meet at Punk horn Parklands parking lot, Brewster.

Driving/Parking Directions:  Left at blinking light along Rt 6A onto Stoney Brook Road, Brewster. Left at Run Hill Road to parking lot on left before Westgate Road (about two miles to small parking lot).

Parking Issues- There are no seasonal parking restrictions

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Left out of parking lot onto Run Hill Road.  RIGHT into woods at kiosk and Cape Cod Pathways sign.  Upper Mill Pond will be visible your right.
  • Hike (approximately 4 min.) to granite stairs through Eagle Point, turning LEFT at Marker 5 (2 min.) onto trail/road following blue arrow trail.  Cross Westgate Road at barrier back onto path on other side and at Y intersection go right onto red trail (5 min.)

  • RIGHT at T intersection (1 min.) and then a quick LEFT continuing STRAIGHT.

  • LEFT at fork by borrow pit (large, old excavation where sand has been removed for cranberry bog fill); LEFT again at fork by second borrow pit (3 min.)

  • LEFT at fork (1 min.) and then STRAIGHT at 4-way, staying to the LEFT (1 min.)

  • RIGHT at wide, open land by fence (1 min.) and RIGHT again onto sand road.

  • Just before metal gate, take small LEFT pathway to dirt road & RIGHT turn (7 min.).

  • Shortly, another RIGHT turns onto path by rock and barrier (1 min.).

  • LEFT at first fork (3 min.), RIGHT at next Fork (1 min.) and RIGHT again at next fork (1 min.).

  • RIGHT turn (3 min.) just before gate on road & STRAIGHT to RIGHT on 1st T intersection path (11 min.).
  • Go STRAIGHT on path to rusty red truck on right, turning RIGHT on road (10 min.).

  • Big LEFT at Walker Pond (3 min.) taking 2nd RIGHT path (2 min.) along pond, past old, stored boats.
  • STRAIGHT by marker at 1st T (2 min.), turning LEFT at 2nd T toward roadway.

  • LEFT on Black Duck Cartway to Archie’s Cartway road.  Pick-up path on other side of Archie’s Cartway road (10 min.), and take 1st RIGHT fork up hill (2 min.) to road we came in on; turn RIGHT.
  • Follow directions above in reverse on red arrow trail to last metal gate and cross STRAIGHT to lower pathway & Westgate Road, crossing for path to parking lot, or LEFT on Westgate, veering RIGHT at Eagle Point Cartway to parking lot.

 #18 Revised 8/20/2011