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Description: Walk along dunes and through wooded area, and around several ponds. 4.6 miles

Place to Meet:  Newcomb Hollow Beach, Parking lot, Wellfleet.

Driving/Parking Directions: Turn right off route 6 on Gull Pond Road. Bear left at Gross Hill Rd, go to end

Note: Please be aware that Wellfleet and other towns may require parking stickers to park at many of the locations. Please check with authorities before heading out.

Start: (note: underlined words have links to pictures)

  • Climb bank and enter dunes at extreme LEFT end of parking lot near snow fencing
  • Continue STRAIGHT (north) paralleling the ocean beach. Note: this is area has thick brush, wear leg protection.
  • At first intersection turn LEFT then RIGHT after 30 feet.  Continue north.
  • Turn LEFT at next intersection just before cliff houses, enter wooded pathway
  • Pass through gate and pick-up sand road heading west
  • At intersection bear LEFT with Horseleech Pond on the right
  • At next intersection turn RIGHT
  • Turn LEFT at bottom of hill
  • At top of next hill, with Round Pond on left, turn RIGHT on trail into woods.  This is a big curved trail gradually turning left and ending on Old Kings Highway (OKH)
  • At ‘Y’ bear LEFT.  Stay on main path
  • LEFT on OKW, going down hill, soon you will see a marker on right for the first school in Wellfleet
  • STRAIGHT through the next intersection
  • Bear LEFT at ‘Y’ then LEFT again at Black Pond Rd., walking east passing Herring Pond on right.
  • At split rail fence go STRAIGHT.  Slough Pond is on left.  Make no turns
  • Soon you will pass Williams Pond on your right. 
  • Continue STRAIGHT at next intersection (you were here before), Horseleech Pond on left.
  • RIGHT at “Private Homes” sign. RIGHT again just past first curved split rail fence onto uphill path. Near top of hill bear RIGHT to continue up.
  • LEFT at ‘Y’  Pass 2 houses on right
  • LEFT at ‘Y’ and LEFT at ‘T’, trail goes down

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