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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have brochures or printed copies of your listed walks?

No, sorry.  We decided years ago not to try to issue any printed material, for two reasons:
One:  Using a web page as the medium for dissemination of our work assures that it is as up
to date as we can make it.  If we hear about a needed change, we investigate immediately and publish the revision.  Second:  We lack the financial resources to print and distribute publications. We have no dues and charge no fees.  Our only expenses are in the use of our own personal equipment.

Can you help us plan a hiking trip to Cape Cod?

No, sorry.  We don't have the time.  We suggest you make use of the material on our web site, downloading and printing anything you like.  It is freely available to all, so long as you do
not charge anyone for use of our copyrighted "Long Walks on Cape Cod."  Incidentally, we
also forbid commercial web sites from publishing our material, or "framing" our web site.
At the bottom of our home page are a few Cape Cod portal sites that are helpful in planning
a visit, and some allied hiking and biking sites..

What do I do if I encounter a "no trespassing" sign on one of your walks?

Turn back, or go around on another road.  But it shouldn't happen.  We try to avoid any
possible conflicts with landowners.  If you find one, please email the Webmaster. You may find signs on beaches that warns you that you are on a private beach.  But the law in Massachusetts permits you to walk across a private beach below the high tide line.
Just don't try to settle down with a beach chair and an umbrella!

Why are there no scheduled walks during the summer?

There are some, usually for a fee.  The Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Cape Cod
National Seashore list walks on the Lower Cape.  On the Upper Cape, look for walks in
Mashpee and on the Cape Cod Canal, in the papers.  It is true that the clubs do not schedule
walks during the summers.  Mainly, that is because our favorite parking areas are inaccessible
during the "season."   Also, we are all too busy with house guests!

Are there groups that schedule bicycle rides?

Yes, but most are private.  Some bicycle shops are reputed to schedule rides, but you will
have to ask them directly.  If you live on the Lower Cape, join Nauset Newcomers.  They
have a full schedule of  rides from spring through autumn, twice a week.

Will a GPS receiver replace the map and compass that you recommend?

No, but it is a useful device.  With a detailed map loaded in memory, the receiver
will indicate where you are, and will aid you in moving to the next point that you have
plotted on a predetermined route.  We use it mainly for mapping routes, by placing
waypoints at critical junctures on topographical maps. 

Are dogs permitted on Cape Cod trails?

Yes, with some exceptions.  You may walk dogs on any of the woodland trails.   Some of the posted trails of the National Seashore are off limits to dogs.  During the summer, you may not walk dogs on beaches.  Dates vary by town.

Where can we ride horses on Cape Cod?

We really don't know, nor make it our business to find out.  We see horses occasionally
and coexist peacefully with them and their riders.