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README before using our guides to Long Walks on Cape Cod

Long Walks on Cape Cod

Copyright 1998 Cape Cod Trails Conference

Freeman's Way

USGS Maps:        Orleans, Harwich

Sketch Map of Route


1.  South Orleans Center (shopping area) on Route 28, 0.2 miles north of Route 39.

2.  The end of Nook Road in Nickerson State Park. From the main entrance on Route 6A, drive south on Deer Park Road, and continue on Nook Road.

3.  Small parking area on Route 137 at Spruce Road, just south of exit 11 from Route 6.


This hike is best done as a shuttle between trailheads 1 and 2, or in conjunction with our Nickerson Park walk. If you are using it as a connector on Walk the Length of Cape Cod,you may wish to shuttle between trailheads 1 and 3.

From trailhead 1, cross route 28 on the exit road from the shopping center, to Eli Rogers Road just opposite.  Walk west on Eli Rogers Road for about 100 yards to a woods road heading northwest. Continue on this road for 0.3 mile to a gravel road that is Cliff
Pond Road.

Walk west on Cliff Pond Road for another 0.3 mile to the utility right of way.  Cross it to the dirt bike trail that runs between the cyclone fence and Route 6.  You will now be walking
south on a long reach that parallels Route 6 for about 1.5 miles to Freeman's Way.

Turn right and cross the Lawrence B. Doyle bridge on Freeman's Way.  Notice that the dirt bike trail continues under the bridge close to Route 6.  If you continue south, described later, you will stay on this trail all the way to Route 137.

 In 0.2 mile, past the entrance to the Brewster Recreational Fields, turn right on the gravel road heading north.  It has a gate across it with a sign warning you that this is the Brewster Water Shed area.

Follow it north for 0.4 mile to the T intersection with Silas Road at the southern boundary of Nickerson State Park.  From there you can walk west and north to the bike path around Ruth Pond in the park and continue to the entrance to the park on Route 6A.  

Or walk east 0.2 mile until you see a dirt road heading north, which is a continuation of Silas Road.  The road meanders north and northeast for a mile until you come to the paved bike path in the park.  Turn right on the path, walking east as it crosses and parallels Nook Road for 0.3 mile to Trailhead 2.  You can also walk north to Higgins Pond and return to the park entrance, as shown in our Nickerson State Park walk, if you have parked a car there.

If you are continuing south to Route 137, follow the dirt bike trail south under the Lawrence B. Doyle bridge over Route 6 on Freeman's Way.  Continue to follow the bike trail as it goes southwest, passing Mud Pond along the way.

Follow the trail along the west shore of Grassy Pond. The dirt bike trail comes up to the south ramps for Exit 11 on Route 6.  Walk along the south edge of the ramps to Route 137.  Trailhead 3 is directly opposite.  It is the starting point for our Hawksnest walk.