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README before using our guides to Long Walks on Cape Cod

Long Walks on Cape Cod

Copyright 1996 Cape Cod Trails Conference


Little Sandy Pond and Horse Pond, West Yarmouth

USGS Maps:         Dennis, Hyannis

Sketch Map of Route


1. Parking lot for the Sandy Pond Recreation Park in West Yarmouth, north off Buck Island Road, 0.3 miles west of Higgins-Crowell Road.

2. Parking lot for Yarmouth Walking Trails on
Higgins-Crowell Road, just south of Mattacheese Middle School.

3. Parking lot for Raymond J. Syrjala Conservation Area on Winslow Gray Road, 0.5 mile north of Route 28 in West Yarmouth.


This will be about a six mile walk, counterclockwise through the West Yarmouth watershed area.  Walking trails abound in the area. Some are marked with a white wood triangle; most are not.  The latter are obviously used by local residents for dog walking, jogging, etc.

You may start at any trailhead.  Trailhead 1 has more parking, but may be restricted to Yarmouth residents during the summer. Trailhead 2 is small.  Trailhead 3 will be discussed at the end. From Trailhead 1, walk east and north around the ball field to the shore of Little Sandy Pond.  Then follow the path around the shore east and north.  Where the trail turns west to follow the north shore, look for a well-worn path going off to the northeast.

Follow the path for about 200 yards as it takes you to two water pumping stations.  Walk east on the road for another 200 yards to Higgins-Crowell Road.  Across the road and a little to the left is Trailhead 2.  From Trailhead 2, walk east to follow the trail heading toward Horse Pond.  Walk through an intersecting sandy track and continue east on the foot path.  Horse Pond is visible to your right.

At the next trail junction, walk east, continuing to parallel the shore of Horse Pond.  Continue east at the succeeding trail junctions, until you come to a house in view to your right.  Walk to the left, heading due north, for about 100 yards until you come to a foot path going east.  Bassetts Lot Pond is in view to your right.

Just before you get to the end of Bassets Lot Pond, turn north on the foot path, passing two boundary markers along the way. The path ends in a T intersection at a wide sandy track.  Walk east on this track.  You will get another glimpse of Bassetts Lot Pond to your right.

At the top of the rise, turn south on the sand road.  You will see a bit more of Bassetts Lot Pond to the west.  When you reach a sign designating the Yarmouth Water Supply area, walk east on the sand road.  Soon you reach West Yarmouth Road.

Looking south, you will see its intersection with Buck Island Road.  Walk south along West Yarmouth Road until you come to a sand road to your left with a sign posted by the Cranberry Bog Owners Association.  Walk east to the edge of the bog.

If the owners are not working around or in the bog, you may walk around the perimeter to the shore of Plashes Pond to the north, and then west and north to West Yarmouth Road again.  Just south is the track that you walked on north of Bassetts Lot Pond.

Walk west on it through the first intersection, and look for a well worn foot path going north.  At the fork, take the trail to the left. Continue walking on trails heading west until you come to a wide sandy track.  Walk northeast for about 100 yards until you reach a foot path heading off to the left in a straight line due north.

When you come to a sandy track, walk west.  At the upcoming T intersection, walk north.  Almost immediately, another wide foot path goes to the left.  Walk west on it through the next trail intersection. A golf course is visible to your right.  This track has obviously been
widened by motor bikes coming from the utility right of way, which you reach shortly.

Walk west on the dirt road in the right of way until you come to Higgins-Crowell Road.  You are now about three-quarters of a mile north of Trailhead 2.  Walk south briefly on Higgins-Crowell Road until you reach the paved road to another water pumping station, just south of
the church.  Walk west toward the station, then southwest on a wide sandy track leading from the area.  It passes through low stands of pine trees, through a gate, then becomes paved as you pass a cemetery on your right.

Continue southwest as the road becomes a track again, and then, after crossing another sand road, narrows to a foot path.  You will be walking nearly a mile on this route.  Look for a foot path coming in from your left.  If you miss it, you will shortly come out on Buck Island Road, and can double back.

Walk east on the path.  At the next fork, in about one-half mile, turn south.  Soon you will reach the shore path around Little Sandy Pond.  Walk west and south to the beach area, then walk around the ball field to return to Trailhead 1.  To return to Trailhead 2, circumnavigate Little Sandy Pond, then follow the directions at the beginning of this guide.

Beginning at Trailhead 3 adds two miles to the total distance, and reverses the description given above.  Walk north on the right hand trail to the first junction.  Walk right at the trail signs, taking a woods road that brings you out to a large cranberry bog.

Follow the east edge of the bog to the north, and at the far northeast corner, look for a somewhat overgrown trail leading north.  Very soon it begins to parallel a fence along the Yarmouth Water Department property.  Ahead of you will be Buck Island Road. Cross it and take a short walk north on the dirt road ahead to the cranberry bog below Plashes Pound.