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README before using our guides to Long Walks on Cape Cod

Long Walks on Cape Cod

Copyright 1997 Cape Cod Trails Conference

Herring River

Mashpee River

USGS Map:               Cotuit

Sketch Map of Route


Parking lot on Mashpee Neck Road, one mile south of Quinaquisset Avenue, which is one-half mile east of the Mashpee Rotary, off Route 28.


The town map for Mashpee River is excellent.  The topographical map will be only marginally helpful, because there are so many side trails.  Maps are available at the town offices at 16 Great Neck Road, south of the Mashpee Rotary.

From the parking lot walk west into the woods to the signboard, then beyond it to the left on the Partridge Berry trail.  The trail curves around to the west to a view of the Mashpee River, then goes north along the east shore of the river.

At the T intersection, go left and continue following the shore of the river.  Along the way, scenic detours will take your out to the edge of the bluff.  You may see swans on the upper reach of the river. At the next T intersection, go left, that is, west to the river.  At the succeeding T intersection, go right, following the main trail.

Stay on the main trail as it moves away from the river, and then resumes a course more or less north.  When you get to the power lines, walk to the right, following the dirt road to the northeast.  A crossing trail goes southeast to the north parking lot, and northwest to cross the river.  Walk to the left, down the stepped trail.

Follow the trail as it parallels Quinaquisset Avenue, then crosses the river over a culvert.  Walk west on the old road, part of which is paved.  At the next intersection, go left, walking south on the old woods road that is River Road on the map.

Walk south, passing under the power lines.  The road goes southwest for a stretch, going around the west extension of the river. After walking south for a bit more, Timber Landing Road comes in from the right to join River Road.

Almost immediately, you are presented with a three way split. The two roads to the left form a loop around the neck between the river and its west extension.  Explore that on the return trip.  Follow the road to the south which is still River Road.

A little further on, Amos Landing goes off to the left.  Walk east on it out to the signboard at the edge of the river.  Walk south from the signboard on the footpath that parallels the river.  You will come out to River Road at another signboard, just north of the beginning of the paved portion.  Do not use that for parking.

Turn right and walk north on River Road.  Past Amos Landing, a side trail goes off to the right that loops around the neck between the marshes.  Now is a good time to follow that trail.  The benches in the clearing overlooking the river make it a good place for a lunch stop.

Continue north to go all the way out to the end of the point. Then reverse to the south, and walk west on the dirt road back to River Road. Bear right at the next fork, walking north on River Road.  Just past the bend around the west extension of the river, a footpath goes
off to the right and meanders north along the west edge of the river.  The trail crosses a succession of foot bridges until you reach what is labeled on the map as "Farley's Camp," a clearing on the edge of the river.   Walk out northwest to River Road, then immediately turn
right and walk east on the old paved road that crosses the river.

Stay on this trail as it takes you back up to the power lines, cross under them, and follow the trail up to the north parking lot and to the signboard nearby.  Then walk south on the trail from there.  In about one-third of a mile, where the trail you are on heads due east,
look for a main trail going south.

There should be sign on it, "trail."  Unfortunately, we can never be sure that a sign or marker will always be there.  The trail will curve to the east and meander through a little valley before resuming a southerly course.

At the "Chickadee Trail" sign, continue south along the edge of the river.  Then south again to follow the "Partridge Berry" trail. Absent the signs, walk south on trails that parallel the river as far as you can.  Eventually, the route is blocked by a marsh, so the trail curves around to the east and northeast to return you to the parking lot that you started from.

The total walk, including scenic detours, is about eight miles, and will take about four hours for a small group at a moderate pace, including a lunch stop.