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Dennis Short Walks on Cape Cod

Flax Pond

Topo Map

Note:  Many of the features described herein are not on the 1970s topographical map.
Park on Covey Drive in West Dennis at the power lines (001).  Covey Drive is just west of
Mayfair Road off Setucket Road.  Walk northeast to Flax Pond (002) on the foot path,
then east to (003) and (004).  Turn south (005) at the foot path across the berm on
the old cranberry bog to (006).  Continue east one-quarter mile to a wide gravel road (007).

This road is used by the Town of Dennis to reach the water pumping stations.  Head
northwest on it briefly, crossing the little creek at the low point, to a fork at (008). 
Note:  This portion is optional:  Take the right leg to (009), then turn sharply east to walk
parallel to the north shore of Run Pond.  You will walk partly across the south portion of
the golf course to (010), then northeast on a foot path to (011).  Walk southeast to (012) on
Setucket Road, west on the bike path to (013), then back to (008). 

From (008), walk northwest on the wide gravel road, paralleling the west edge of the golf
course, to the fork at (014), where the paved road turns sharply west.  Continue on the
foot path to the northwest about one-quarter mile to the foot path heading west along the
north shore of a no-name pond (015).  Follow it to (016) as it turns south to (017).  Head
due south for another quarter-mile where Flax Pond comes into view to the west.  Continue
south to (002) and return to the parking area (001).  About four miles if you do the whole

Indian Lands

Topo Map

The area is noteworthy for the spectacular display of Lady Slippers that sometimes occurs
in late May or early June.  Growth of the flowers is dependent upon an underlying fungus.
If the magic works, a huge carpet of pink lady slippers covers the two lobes near the Bass
River.  Park at the Dennis Town Offices on Old Bass River Road (001), and follow the
waypoints from (002) around to (007) for the first loop, and (009) to (011) for the second.
Take another look by reversing the whole walk.  Even then, you will not be walking much
more than three miles.