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Brewster -- Punkhorn Parklands Short Walks on Cape Cod

Seymour Pond

Sketch Map of Area

Topo Map

Start from the parking lot for Punkhorn Parklands at the end of Run Hill Road (001).  Walk south on what is now Westgate Road, and unpaved, for 0.5 mile to a wide woods road on the left heading southeast (002).  This is Punkhorn Road, marked with a hand-painted sign.  Walk southeast on it for another 0.75 mile, crossing Eastgate Road, another unpaved road (003).

You will come to a sharp intersection, where a woods road comes in from the left (004).  Walk north on it, passing a few summer houses on the shore of Seymour Pond.  Continue past an
abandoned cranberry bog to a high knob (005).  Climb up to the top and enjoy the view, if you wish.  

Backtrack briefly to a trail intersection (006) and walk west on the trail leading up the rise and into the woods.  Soon you will come to Eastgate Road (007).  Walk north on it for another
quarter mile until you see a wide  foot path on the left (008). (For a longer walk, continue north on Eastgate Road as for "Calf Field Pond," below.)

Walk west and northwest on the path to a fork, bearing right to cross a wide dirt road which is Massasoit Road (009).  Walk across to the woods road which leads north and west around the  abandoned cranberry bog (010) to the pump house on Watergate Road and return north to the parking lot.

Calf Field Pond

Calf Field Pond Trails

Topo Map

From the parking lot for Punkhorn Parklands at the end of Run Hill (001) walk south on Westgate Road for 0.5 miles to a woods road heading southeast.  This is Punkhorn Road.  Follow it to Eastgate Road  (003). 

Walk north on Eastgate Road to the pavement, where it becomes Pond Street (004). Walk northeast on Pond Street until the pavement ends at a woods road (005).  Look for a trail going due north.  It will lead you into the  northern part of Punkhorn Parklands, a worthy aesthetic experience.

Walk north past two tiny ponds (006) on your left until the trail curves around to head due west, at a fork (007).  Lots of horses travel this trail, coming from the barns on Great Fields Road to the north.  Turn northwest at the third trail to the right (008).

Calf Field Pond will appear to the north.  When you see Calf Field Pond ahead, walk west again on the foot path at the top of the rise, with the pond at your right.  Pass by foot paths to the pond.  At the T intersection on the woods road (009), walk north briefly to to a foot path to the right that parallels the shore of Calf Field Pond.   Walk north on it (010).

At the fork (011), walk to the northwest on a woods road which will take you to another road heading south, near the utility right of way (012). Walk south on it to the blue arrows (013).  Follow them through (014) to (015),  then west to the Run Hill Road entrance (116).

Eagle Point

Topo Map

From the main parking lot for Punkhorn Parklands on Run Hill Road, which turns into a dirt road called Westgate Road, follow the trail all the way around Eagle Point overlooking Upper Mill Pond (001-005). 

At (005), turn right briefly to pick up the trail heading south along the edge of the abandoned cranberry bog.  Continue south, bearing left at the fork to walk up the rise (006), then to the dirt road (007) leading to the Mattot cottage (008).  Walk south on the foot path to Westgate Road (009).

At (010) follow the woods road to Archie's Cartway (011).  Walk north to 0.2 mile to a road (012) heading north, then east.  Follow it as circles north (013), then west through (014) to a wide woods road (015).  Follow this road to the southwest. 

At the intersection (016), walk south for 0.2 mile (017) to a path that leads southwest along the shore of Walkers Pond.   In about 0.4 mile, bear left on the path (018) to walk southeast and out to Black Duck Cartway (019).

Walk east past Archie's Cartway (020) to Westgate Road (021), then north on it  to return. 

To continue the long walk see Punkhorn Parklands