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Sandwich Short Walks on Cape Cod

Sandwich Boardwalk

Topo Map

Gary Miller leads a short walk in Sandwich from the marina at the end of Freezer Road to the Sandwich Boardwalk on Cape Cod Bay and back.  Parking is at the lot for access to the bicycle trail on the Cape Cod side of the canal. 

From (001) on the Topo Map, walk around the marina to (003), then along the canal to (004) at the jetty.  Walk on the beach to the Sandwich Boardwalk (006), or if you wish, all the way to the inlet for Sandwich Harbor (007).  Return to (006), and explore the boardwalk to its end.  Return to (006).

Walk through the parking area to (009), then on the street to (010).  Follow a foot path through the scrub pines (011) to the canal footpath (004), and return to the parking lot.

Scorton Creek

Topo Map

A beautiful small area of East Sandwich that is in the process of reconstruction. Two old concrete bridges have been removed and replaced by more aesthetic wood bridges.  A trail map near the parking area depicts available trails, which are not marked.  The waypoints on the map are tentative.  Best to carry a compass to navigate the area.  The railroad tracks to the south and the marsh to the east keep you in bounds.  A walk of 3 to 4 miles is possible.

Pull in south from Route 6A at (001), then continue south to a parking area overlooking the marsh which will hold eight to ten cars.  Walk back to (001), then southwest to (002) through a large stand of red pines.  At  (002), look for a foot path heading southeast more or less along the shore of Hoxie Pond.

Continue to (003), then walk west to the first new bridge at (004).  South along the edge of the marsh to (005), then southeast to the next bridge, and a trail to (006).  North to (007), then back to the bridge.  Return via (005), (004), and (008) to the parking area.